Kangaroo Island

Antechamber Bay Ecocabins

Paradise between the river and the sea

Getting There

To stay at the Antechamber Bay Ecocabins you will need to bring a car across on the ferry or hire a car from Penneshaw. Please see the interactive map below for help with driving directions.
Be sure to book your ferry trip well in advance for peak holiday times like Easter and Christmas/New Year as it does sell out.

Upon arrival in Penneshaw it is just a short 19km drive to Antechamber Bay where your relaxing holiday awaits.

Remember to take a copy of the Orientation sheet which has detailed directions to the property from Penneshaw.

For more information on the ferry service please visit the Sealink website.

When packing, please help protect our Island’s environment by adhering to the border protection restrictions in place for Kangaroo Island. It is an offence to bring any of the following items onto Kangaroo Island:
• Honey, bees, bees wax candles, bees wax products, apiary product and equipment. Kangaroo Island is a proclaimed Ligurian bee sanctuary. We have the only pure Ligurian bees remaining in the world and we need to take these precautions to prevent diseases being passed onto our bees.
• Potatoes must be washed or brushed and in new packaging. Potatoes must not be sown on the Island.
• Grape vine cuttings and soil in which grapevines have been grown in are not be brought to South Australia or onto the Island.
• Declared plants and animals (rabbits, foxes, hares and many invasive weeds).
For more info visit www.dbwlbc.sa.gov.au/nrm/nrmplan/links2.html

Please also consider the environment when you are packing by attempting to bring products with minimal packaging, and try to select items that are biodegradable thus minimising your overall holiday ‘footprint’ on the island!

Please view the interactive map below to help find your way to Antechamber Bay.

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